I would love to live

Like a river flows,

Carried by the surprise

Of its own unfolding.

- John O’Donohue

Jen Ardis

Jen Ardis


Blue Heron Mindfulness

The heron stands solid and still, an island of deep concentration amidst the rushing waters. Symbolising self-reflection, the heron reminds us to recognise and honour the whole of our experience, rather than clinging to certain aspects of it and pushing others away.  This same clear-seeing equanimity is closely associated with the practice of mindfulness, and can allow the full potential of our lives to open up for us as old, habitual ways of seeing, thinking, acting and relating fall away. Mindfulness practice can allow us to remain deeply calm and centred even in the midst of busy-ness and stress.

Inspired by the calm, still beauty of herons on the Rivers Bride and Blackwater, Blue Heron Mindfulness aims to provide a space for coming home to ourselves, watching with curiosity, openness, acceptance and kindness as our experience unfolds, moment by moment. Rediscovering the joy and power of truly being there for ourselves.

What we offer

Blue Heron Mindfulness offers retreats, courses, workshops, talks and guided walks in the Cork area. Courses include the evidence-based Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) eight-week programme, the innovative Mindful Self Care six-week course blending mindfulness, psychology and neuroscience, as well as shorter guided mindfulness practice evenings and workshops. Mindfulness for Self-Care in the Workplace workshops are organised by arrangement with individual companies and charities. Check out the Mindfulness Programmes page to find out about upcoming events, or contact jen.ardis@gmail.com or +353-86-1578151 for more detail, or to enquire about any of the courses.

About Jen

Jen Ardis, BA(Hons), HDPsy, MA is a trainer and mindfulness teacher  with a Masters in Psychology and membership of the Psychological Society of Ireland. Mindfulness practice has been a central part of her personal life for more than twelve years, leading her to train to deliver Mindfulness-Based Interventions with Bangor University. Along with a strong focus on up-to-date scientific evidence, Jen brings more than a decade of experience in group facilitation, training, mental health and education. Jen is based in the Cork area, providing individual and group mindfulness training, courses, retreats and workshops across a range of settings. She is a qualified trainer, and also delivers the Life Skills programme, a Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy skills course, on behalf of Aware.

In her spare time, Jen enjoys doing willow sculpture. Her favourite project, with the help of friends, was the design and building of a large (3-person) outdoor willow nest, lined with feathers, thistledown, straw and sheep’s wool and designed to represent the feeling of being held and supported in a therapeutic relationship with nature.