"It has woken me up, to me."  - MBSR Participant, Fermoy
"A lovely course, thank you! I enjoyed every part of it. I would certainly recommend it to anyone. I feel it has enriched my life. I'm glad I have done it at such a young age, so it will help me through the rest of my life." - MBSR Participant, Fermoy
"It has given me the strength and power to deal with life. It has given me peace within myself and it has given me many tools to deal with any situation." - MBSR Participant, Fermoy
"It is hard to pin point what was most helpful - overall the course was marvellous."  - MBSR Participant, Fermoy
"It has had a huge impact on my life - I feel so much more calm & looking forward to continuing the exercises." - MBSR Participant, Fermoy
"You, yourself Jen were the perfect angel to guide us through - Just wonderful. Thank you" - MBSR Participant, Fermoy
"It has given me a tool to relax if I am tense" - MBSR Participant, Fermoy
What I found most helpful was: "Acceptance of myself. Recognising my deepest desire, to feel comfortable in my own skin. The support and structure of the CDs. Being inspired by other members of the group, and how they integrated practice into their week." - MBSR Participant, Fermoy
"Come as you are - I appreciated the acceptance and encouragement." - MBSR Participant, Fermoy
"The course is more comprehensive than I had expected, I liked the structure of it and the range of themes." - MBSR Participant, Fermoy
What I found most helpful was: "Learning to touch base with myself. Making time for me. Learning to be me. You can retrain your brain!" - MBSR Participant, Fermoy