One-To-One Mindfulness Training

About One-to-One Mindfulness Training

One-to-one mindfulness training is for you if you would like to explore mindfulness but cannot commit to class times, or would like personalised content outside of a group setting. In the one-to-one sessions, a personalised course of mindfulness training is tailored to your specific needs. Offered in person or by Skype, this training is designed to fit into your life in a way that allows you to fully connect with the practices at your own pace, and to integrate mindfulness into your life in the way that best suits you. Stand-alone sessions and packages of sessions are available. Call or email for a free, no-commitment consultation and discuss your options. 


  • Bespoke courses and workshops tailored to your specific needs
  • Guided meditation audio tracks
  • Course Handouts

No prior experience of meditation is necessary. 


Scientific research* into the effects of mindfulness is increasing day by day, with very promising findings. Findings suggest that mindfulness improves mental health (including decreasing stress, anxiety, depressive thinking and increasing self-compassion), and may have positive effects on emotions and the immune system.  Furthermore, it appears to reduce inflammation and improve wellbeing in a range of physical ailments (including chronic pain, arthritis, cardiovascular issues, fibromyalgia).

*E.g.  Chiesa, A. & Seretti, A. (2010). A systematic review of neurobiological and clinical features of mindfulness meditations. Psychological Medicine, 40, 1239–1252

What previous Blue Heron Mindfulness clients have said about working with Jen…

“I absolutely loved every minute and I am very very grateful for all you have given me”
“Come as you are - I appreciated the acceptance and encouragement”
"It’s a new way of life now. Being mindful helps me to get through the day. It comes naturally a lot of the time – that’s because of your teaching. You were so gentle and kind"
"Thanks so much Jen, really appreciate your time and effort and am grateful for my ability to join you." 
"You are a wonderful teacher, so committed."

"I feel you have given me the tools to continue to be mindful...Thank you Jen."


For more information or to book your free consultation, please contact Jen by using the form below, or calling on +353 - (0)86-1578151

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